• Semi-glass version. look at much background. i love polkadots (put me to rest)
  • Normal version yay. im tired dear god help me this is the third time ive uploaded this normal version thing

"I was drawing you when we met in a dream"

I don't know what to put for her last name lol. So I just decided on her original name. And included the kanji as well uwu. She's based off this girl.

So ayy. I made a doll. It's been a year. I underestimated how hard it is to make loopsies. It's been a while

So yeah. First doll for kaleidoscope.


Mangekyou was sewn on February 7 with normal rags. Well. She entered another world made of glass and crystals though and slowly got turned into semi-glass semi-rag doll Yeah I guess. Much sense.

Personality of Mangekyou

Mangekyou tends to be on the quieter side. She doesn't beat around the bush too much and is all about business. Probably the reason why she was always alone during high school. Well other than that, she used to be in the art club back when she was still there. One day while painting alone in the art room though, she got sucked into her canvas and entered a world made of glittering glass pieces and stuff. She now spends the rest of her days trying to escape and go back to LCDI.

What Mangekyou Looks Like

Mangekyou has greyish brown eyes and short dark brown hair. They slowly got changed though with her left eye reflecting a bit of blue, her right eye reflecting red and her hair reflecting multi-colored daisies. She wears a white apron with paint stains over her high school uniform. Her uniform consists of a dark grey, short sleeved polo, knee length dark grey skirt, knee high socks and a yellow neckerchief. She has a brush with red paint on her left apron pocket and two clean brushes on her right pocket.

Mangekyou's Pet

She doesn't have one but the multi-colored fish from the other world does seem to flock to her.

Mangekyou's Home

Being stuck in another world with no houses isn't fun. She did use to live in a normal apartment back in LCDI though.

Mangekyou's Other Merchandise

  • Normal Version Full Sized Doll
  • Semi-Glass Version Full Sized Doll
  • kaleidoscope Bundle

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