Du du dudu dudu

"Uwaaa did you just redesign Oni-san" "Wow much hard work" "Creativity 100%"

"The stars are broken into shards just like a kaleidoscope"

This series is p much based on OCs inspired by a song called kaleidoscope. Maybe I should add song quotes at the beginning of every doll now.

Btw the quote above is pretty loosely translated. Whoever translated it really took up their own interpretation haha. It's more of "The star that looked like a kaleidoscope breaks"

Well anyways let's get started on this guy who is totally not Oni-san www


mangekyou doesn't know when he was sewn. He doesn't know what he was made of either. All he knows is that he was just. Suddenly there. In a dark world filled with sparkling glass and light from distant stars with no memories aside from the name 'Mangekyou'.

Personality of mangekyou

mangekyou is level-headed and doesn't entertain anyone. He tends to be anti-social even if he admits he's lonely being in an empty world. He doesn't even know how he got there, why he's alive, or why he continues to exist. The only thing that pulls him together is a girl that he meets while he's dreaming. A person who looks like a mirror of him.

What mangekyou Looks Like

mangekyou has greyish brown eyes and short dark brown hair. His right eye reflects a slight bluish color and his left eye reflects a bit of red while his hair vaguely reflects different multi-colored daisies and a bit of dark pink at the roots. He wears a short sleeved light grey polo with a yellow necktie and white pants. He also has a scar on his left cheek which he doesn't know where or how he got.

mangekyou's Pet

He doesn't consider them as pets but during his free time (which is like. every time.) he stops to feed and play with the multi-colored fish that for some reason, surround him constantly.

mangekyou's Home

After a while, mangekyou considers the lonely world his home. It's not like he's been welcomed into any other place but there. He eventually found an abandoned village with fully furnished wooden houses that seemed to appear out of nowhere. He occupied a house and his life became a bit more comfortable and homely.

mangekyou's Other Merchandise

  • Full Sized Doll
  • kaleidoscope Bundle

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