was it the right choice to translate oni-san instead of just putting the romaji. hm.

"The sleeping princess whispered 'Mr. Demon, over here.'"

Hello. It is I. pls. kill me slowly. two dolls in a day. He's based off this guy. More kaleidoscope because it's spring break and I have no life.

Also while making this I realized he has the same name as Mangekyou. So I'll just call him Mr. Demon here lol.


Mr. Demon was sewn on February 7 with normal rags, similar to Mangekyou's. Or so he says. Oh yeah. And he also has the same name as Mangekyou. Nice. they'rethesamepersonfrom differentuniversesuwu

Personality of Mr. Demon

Mr. Demon is a naturally gentle person who always seems to be able to smile no matter the situation. Mangekyou found him entering the other world from a mirror and called him "Mr. Demon" because of the whole coming out a mirror thing and the fact that they look extremely alike. The two eventually became friends and teamed up together to try and get back to LCDI.

What Mr. Demon Looks Like

Mr. Demon has greyish brown eyes and short dark brown hair. His right eye reflects a bluish color and his left eye reflects a reddish color while his hair reflects different multi-colored flowers and a bit of pink at the roots. He wears a short sleeved light grey polo with a yellow necktie and white pants. He also has a scar on his left cheek from a glass cut when he came out from the mirror.

Mr. Demon's Pet

If you think the multi-colored fishes liked Mangekyou, you haven't seen the way they flock to Mr. Demon yet. (He's practically surrounded by them most of the time)

Mr. Demon's Home

No. But basically he used to live in the same place, same flat that Mangekyou did. Except in a different universe.

Mr. Demon's Other Merchandise

  • Full Sized Doll
  • kaleidoscope Bundle

Guess What!

  • His nickname "Mr. Demon" is actually a translation of the Japanese "Oni-san", which sounds like another word "Onii-san" or brother.
  • This slightly signifies Mangekyou's sibling-like relationship with him.
  • He's a parallel of Mangekyou and shares the same name as her.
  • Unlike Mangekyou, he does not have a normal version and was never shown as anything other than semi-glass
  • His reflections in his eyes and hair are brighter and clearer unlike Mangekyou's. He also claims that the pink shine on his hair wasn't there before he came to the other world.

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