Maple Stack 'n' Butter
Maplina Stack 'N' Butter

Sewn Date

December 17 (National Maple Syrup Day)

Sewn from

A Pancake

Meet Maple, the first Breakfast Loopsy! Yeah, I know the exsistance of Berry Jars 'n' Jam... We just have too many Dessert-based Loopsies D:


She was once the record-holder of the tallest stack of pancakes before Berry's first record was set. Now, she is LCDI's pancake mix provider. But occasionally, she can be seen making pancakes and one day, she will try to beat Berry's current record.


She has syrup for hair, and has some syrup for her dress. She also has butter in her dress, and the rest of her dress is made out of pancake. Her shoes are recolors of Jewel's mary janes.


She has a pancake for a pet. Her pancake is three stacks high, and she has a bow made with butter.


She lives in a house which is made of parts of a maple syrup bottle.


  • Series 14 Mini #1

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