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ok... another explorer here..



I think dis iz Marco Polo.. He was sewn from an explorer's map...or water-ver... He was sewn on.. September 1254... I don't really have the EXCACT date..

Personality of Marco

Ok.. he loves travelling. He rivals every explorers in Lalaloopsy Land..

I made his hair stupid.. Maybe he has a habit of makng it dirty.. He is very friendly and does everything he can to discover new things..etc etc..

He has a crush on Anne Bonny.. And he likes cheeseburgerz..He loves travelling with his pals as well.. If he has one.. --//Shuddap I made all of those things up.

What Marco Looks Like 

He has a deep black hair with dusty highlights. His eyes are aqua blue. He has a red hat thing that isn't even a hat.. He wore a blue long sleeve inner polo and white I dunno thingy and a brown long coat . Each side of the hand of the brown long coat has a lighter brown thing where the buttons are located. 

Marco's Pet

SEA OTTER.. deal with it.. 

Marco's Home

He lives in a ship..That's why he loves ship.

Other Merchandise

  • World Tour Series 
  • Explorer Buttons
  • FullSized Marc O. Polo
  • Dual Pack [what] with Columbus

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