Marcy Leane Bloody

Marcy Leane Bloody

Marcy Leane Bloody (pronounced as Marr-see-lee-yan-blo-dy) is the 3rd doll to be released in the Adventure Buttons Line. She's a fanmade character by Aliahvenicegarcia.


Sewn-On: October 5 (Vampire Day)

Sewn From: Marceline Abadeer's Dress

Marcy's Personality

Marcy loves all things pink and black! She often gets into arguments with Pinkcess Bonnibel because they don't like each other that much. She also had a fight with Pinkcess because Pinkcess wants Flare Fire Princess to stay away from Finn D. Human.She likes to scare her friends, but when something goes wrong with them, She always helps.

Marcy's Appearance

Marcy has pale skin. She has black long hair with grey/gray eyes. She has a blood mark beside her vampire teeth. She wears a pink/fuschia dress with a fuschia ribbon. She also wears "Rock 'N' Roll" boots.

Marcy's Pet

Marcy doesn't want a pet because she's afraid she'll just lose it. She just borrows the pets of her friends sometimes, although she doesn't lose them.

Marcy's Home

Marcy lives in a 5-story house that has the following:

  • 1st Floor: Living Room
  • 2nd Floor: Le Visitors Floor (For Boys Only)
  • 3rd Floor: La Visitors Floor (For Girls Only)
  • 4th Floor: Marcy Room and Corner (NO STRANGERS ALLOWED!)
  • 5th Floor: Top Floor/Roof (PARTY ROOF!)

Marcy's Merchandise

  • Marcy Leane Bloody Target Exclusive Full-Sized Doll
  • Marcy Leane Bloody Twin Pack with Flare Fire Princess and BeepBoop BMO
  • Marcy Leane Bloody Water Jug (comes in Purple and Black)
  • Marcy Leane Bloody Loopy Hair Doll

Guess What!

  • She and Halre Blood Drizzle are BFFs. Marcy always calls her "Hazlrie"
  • She almost sucked the color red out of Miles Musicnotes' tie.


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