Maria Philippines

Maria Philippines

Maria Philippines is a fanmade character by Aliahvenicegarcia. She is a part of the Lalaloopsy Country Series!


Maria Philippines was sewn on June 12, which is the Philippine Independence Day. She was sewn from the Philippine National Flag.

Maria's Personality

Maria loves Taho! Taho is mashed tofu mixed with syrup and little buubles ( ya know... those jelly like balls )  She also loves Sinigang, A Filipino food that has a sour - salty taste, that has meat and vegetables. She also, also loves watching Telenovelas, Filipino movies, and joining Filipino games (such as Patintero, Tumbang Preso, Luksong-Tinik, Bahyay-Bahayan, Langit-Lupa, and Jack 'N' Poy). She is very kind, hospitable, and sweet. She is a Catholic.

Maria's Appearance

Maria wears a Baro't Saya, a traditional Filipino outfit for girls. She wears a pair of tsinelas (basically flip-flops). She has a three-star sash on her chest.

She has pale skin with brown eyes and hair.

Maria's Pet

Maria has a carabao!

Maria's Home

Maria lives in a Bahay Kubo.


Maria has joined some competitions. These are:

  • Little Miss Princess - October 2013

Other Merchandise

  • Maria Philippines Full Sized Doll
  • Maria Philippines Mini
  • Country Pack with Suzy, Taylor, and Sachi


  • Suzy Korea (BFF)
  • Taylor United States of America
  • Sachi Japan

Guess What!

  • She has a collection of toy Jeepneys.
  • Her blanket is a Philippine Flag!


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