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Mary Anne is a dead OC, that haunts customs!


Sewn On: She took a whole entire day in January to be sewn

Sewn From: Frowns

Personality of Mary Anne

Earlier Life

Mary Anne did not know that she was sewn on accident. Despite being sewn from frowns, she was happy and fun. She was also highly eccentric. On the first day of her life, she met all of Gabi's OCs. Then came along the other OCs. While Mary Anne was hanging with 3 friends,  The My Lala Loopsys started making fun of her hair color. Mary Anne remembers Rainbkw saying, "What a ugly color of red, the red in my hair is waaaaaaayyyy bette looking."  Then all of the customs began pushing, shoving, teasing, taunting, insulting, mocking, bullying, and putting down Mary Anne. As each tease began to become meaner and meaner, Mary Anne's self esteem began to become lower and lower. Cosplay Costume Play said "If you want to be part of our wide  circle of friends, you have to go home and change your style." Mary Anne did not want to change her style. The next day, the original 3 kicked her out of LCDI. Mary Anne finally gave up. Her self esteem was gone.

Current Life

Mary Anne realized that she was not mean to be sewn. She put on a dark suit and laid in the forest. To this day, she haunts around LCDI, seeking revenge.

What Mary Anne Looks Like


Mary Anne had red hair pulled up into little buns. She had a dress made out of scraps from every dolls outfit. She also had shoes that were clogs.


Mary Anne now wears a dark suit

Mary Anne's Pet

She wanted a pet, but the pet store wouldn't let her get one.

Mary Anne's Home

Mary Anne does not have a home, she lurks everywhere.

Other Merchandise

  • Big with dress underneath
  • Mini with removable suit
  • Silly Singer
  • Lalaloopsy Girl 'Deadly Spirit' Pack

Guess What!

  • The sun doesn't shine where she lurks. She lives in the shadows of darkness, all alone. Gabi and Solange are doing whatever they can to bring her from her misery.
  • She had a crush on a unnamed brown haired boy for a while, but he turned into a bully

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