Mary Sewington

Mary Sewington is an old custom by Aliahvenicegarcia.


Sewn On: October 1 (Sew Day)

Sewn From: A Rag Doll

Mary's Personality

She's really messy! She once rolled in her bed and some things got in her hair.

Mary's Appearance

She has long... BUT MESSY! Hair. She wears a garbage-made suit along with a medal.

Mary's Pet

Her pet is an orange Cookiedog!

Mary's Home

Her home has 2 floorsl.

  • 1st floor - Messy Living Room
  • 2nd floor - Messy Bedroom

Mary's Merchandise

  • Mary Sewington Target Exclusive Full Size Doll
  • Mary Sewington Toys 'R' Us Exclusive Mini

Guess What!

  • She's the messiest doll in LCDI.
  • Even though she lives in Stitching Forests, LCDI, She still has not seen Sherry D. Invisible.
  • Her sister is Kathrinne Sewnton. Kathrinne is not her twin, but her older sister.

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