Maverick Buttonswell
Maverick Buttonswell

Sewn date

July 30 (Friendship Day)

Sewn from

An old tailor's set of several old clothes




Marcia Aeris

Maverick Buttonswell is a collector's edition Lalaloopsy doll.


Maverick Buttonswell was sewn more than a decade ago by an old tailor who knew how to make ragdolls come to life as a companion for himself after the rest of his family came to see him less and less often because they thought the he was slowly going insane with all of the time he spent on research. The old tailor was very careful on making the doll and put a lot of care in the doll's mindset and spent weeks just trying to make him have a good heart. He wanted Maverick to be eager to learn and to be willing to help others, but the tailor made sure that Maverick had a lot of room in his mind for him to be what he wants to be and for him to learn what he must learn.

Note: This area of the article is work in progress.


Note: This area of the article is work in progress. This area will be worked upon after the background has been finished.


In his world, Maverick is around 4 and a half inches, which is fairly tall for a ragdoll in his world. He sports a sea green page boy haircut and a pair of glasses with chains that are attached to the edges of the frames, with them not having lenses in them. He also sports a long vest that he wears to hold all of tools that he needs for sewing, with the buttons on each pocket colored to show which pocket should have which tool.

Underneath his long vest, he has buttoned shirt with gold coloring on the ends and on where the buttons are. He also sports a pair of brown shorts, white dress socks, and brown loafers.


Maverick Buttonswell doesn't have a pet.


Maverick Buttonswell lives in a small house made out of wood that has a relatively dark color scheme. Inside his house, he has many bookshelves where he reads about various objects and has a large display on all the clothes he makes. The largest part of his house is his workshop, where there are various patterns of cloth, a large amount of sewing tools, and many mannequins. Unfortunately, he has made so many clothes that there isn't that much space around his workshop. Most of the furniture that's made of cloth has been self-made.


  • Collector's Edition Doll

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