Mayo Ham 'N' Cheese
Mayo is a fanmade character by Caitlin. She can even make your sarnies! She can make sandwiches float and knows everything in the world even though she may not seem like it. She is very shy.


Sewn On: November 3rd (National Sandwich Day)

Sewn From: A sandwich

Personality of Mayo

Mayo is a tasty girl who is best friends with Pickles B.L.T.She loves making sandwiches, and her favourite type is mayo, ham and cheese!

What Mayo looks like

Hair Color: Orange

Hairband Color: Green and Red

What she wears: A dress like Harmony's with lots of green, red and, and orange

Mayo ham n cheese pattern patch

Her sewn-on pattern on her dress: Orange with green, red, and yellow dots

Other things on her dress: None

Mayo's Pet

Mayo does not have a pet.

Mayo's Home

Roof: Orange with a giant sandwich on the left.

Wall Color: Stripy Red, Green and Yellow

Mayo's Other Merchandise

  • Mayo Mini
  • Mayo Loopy Hair
  • Mayo Magic Swim Doll.
  • Mayo Mini #2
  • Mayo Micro
  • Mayo Silly Hair

Guess What!

  • Mayo is one of the only lalaloopsys to have a birthday in November
  • She always eats sarnies.
  • She has no pet.
  • Shes very shy.
  • She wants a bunny rabbit.

Relatives and Friends

  • Crust Pepperoni 'N' Cheese is her best friend
  • Twighlight Moon is also her best friend
  • She is friends with Tori Sing Rocks too
  • She is buddies with Macoroni Pepperoni 'N' Cheese.
  • She is friends with Minty Fresh and Strawberry Berry Cakes.


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