McKenzie Popular is another Lalaloopsy made by BubbleSmackNPop500

McKenzie Popular


McKenzie was made from a highschooler's prom dress on May 21st (National Prom Day)

McKenzie's Personality

McKenzie has a girly-girlish personality! She spends her day looking at herself in the mirror and always daydreams about boys. Although she is popular, she has a kind heart, which makes almost everybody like her. McKenzie is a friend to everybody!

How McKenzie Looks Like

McKenzie's skin is lightly tanned with light pink cheeks, and always smiles her brightest! Her hair is worn in a low, side braid, and is dyed a little brown. On the left side of her head, she wears a blue flower-hairpin, given to her by her parents on her birthday.

Her dress gives her a fashionable, but clean appearance, wearing a red dress with a blue flower. She wears a heart-shaped necklace, symbolizing her love for romance.

McKenzie wears red high-heeled shoes.

McKenzie's Pet

McKenzie has a pet cat with soft white fur and a little heart shaped collar. On the hop of her head is a hairclip similar to hers.

McKenzie's Home

McKenzie lives in a mansion with her parents, and has an outdoor swimming pool outside her home. Her room is decorated in pink, black, and white, always having a sense of fashion.

McKenzie's Other Merchandise

  • McKenzie Full Size
  • McKenzie Mini
  • "McKenzie Dresses Up" Mini

Guess What!

  • Although most people don't know this, McKenzie is friends with Sara Smarts.
  • May 21st is National Prom Day.

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