He is one of the TROLLbuttons series. I missed making a boy loopsy..


Me gusttt

He likes everything. He just say "Me gusta that thing!" He loves everything! Girls , Boys , Animals , Places , Things , Math , Function of Noun, Science , etc. He is kind to everyone.. But he is not the type of person that you will like. He is kinda jealous when somebody is better than him.


He has a normal black eyes with pale skin. He has a black hair that is styled upright. He has a black and gray stripes that is longsleeves.

He wore a black trousers with dark gray belt. He is barefoot




  • TROLLbutton Series Mini
  • Full Sized Doll

Trivia or Guess What?

  • He is the first boy in Troll Series.
  • Derpinee has a Me Gusta faced bird, and this doll is based by the meme, Me Gusta

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