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If you don't know the meanings of some LCDWDolls' names, here are your answers!


Mimi:Okay, I reliazed the true French meaning of Mimi is pronounced as Miy-miy, which means protection, so  Suzette's sister is a defender?   -AskSuzette101

Marie:Marie anything means sea of bitterness or pure evil   -AskSuzette101

Sachi: Japanese for happiness - Pepsicola45

Sherry:Based off of my quick  discoveries Sherry means dear one  and loves travel without religion arguments.And since Sherry D Invisible is invsible that meanns Dear Invisible One.-AskSuzette101

Lucille: According to the American meaning, it means Light. - Pepsicola45

Solange:Angel of the sun - ScrapsStitchedNSewn9

Rin: Dignified, cold, severe in Japanese (although she's the complete opposite) - Cookiez chan~

Len: Brave, hardy (Again, completely opposite) - Cookiez chan~

Sophia: Means 'wisdom' in greeek...... so that makes her..... Smart.... right? - Cookiez chan~

Columbus or Coal ~ Came from coalescence means the pull of gravity is putting things together.

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