Transferred from my laptop to my phone to my brother's laptop... Having no internet on your lappie is scary....

Yosh! After what seemed like 3 months, Meiko is finally done! I'm in the Philippines for my vacation so... internet isn't available at my laptop... ; ^  ; I can't download Piko's cover of Streaming Heart.... TT^TT


Meiko was made on November 5 with red 0's and 1's .... Shipping intent detected.


Meiko's usually drunk so nobody actually knows her true personality... Either that or she's always angry and tries to do crazy stunts.... I'd like to stick to theory number one. There's only one thing everyone's sure of. She likes sake.... Probably why her name's a homonym of it...

What Meiko Looks Like

Meiko has short chestnut hair and wears a red leather petite jacket over her black...err... bra... She wears a short red leather skirt with a silver belt over it and a black leather collar with a cross on it.

Meiko's Pet

Well if a slightly responsible Len couldn't have one, I don't think a drunk, moody Meiko can.

Meiko's Home

Meiko's room in the VocaMansion smells. If it weren't for Luka who comes over every week, her room would be filled with sake bottles. Of what could be seen of it, Meiko has white walls with red dots of random sizes, black, leather couches and a red, leather bed. The only place that was clean and accessible (except the bathroom) was a closet filled with sake.... It was unusually clean and well organized... Rumors have it that Meiko showers while drinking sake...

Meiko's Other Merchandise

  • Meiko singing full size
  • Meiko full size
  • Meiko and Kaito full size
  • Meiko mini
  • Meiko loopy hair doll
  • Meiko silly hair doll

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