Melanie Shinyshoes
Melanie is a Lalaloopsy by Issa Perez!


Sewn date: June 21

Sewn from: A heeled flipflop

Personality of Melanie

Melanie never takes she shoes off!

What Melanie Looks Like

Hair Color: Violet

Eye Color: Blue

What she wears: Pink dress and Pink heeled flip-flops

Melanie's Pet

Her pet is a shoe that lives.

Melanie's Home

Her house is a giant shoe!

Other Merchandise

  • Target Exclusive Full Size Doll (Collector's Edition)

Guess What?

  • She will have a roleplay wikia account! Link: User:MelanieShinyshoes
  • Her shoes don't come off!
  • Melanie will have a sister soon, Minerva Shinyshoes.

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