Miesha Charming Butterfly

Sewn On

November 24 (Miesha's Birthday)

Sewn From

Miesha's Witch Hat



Miesha was the hardest doll in the series to make, fifteen minutes for the hair, and like an hour and fifteen minutes for the rest.


Miesha is a Fashionable witch who lives in an alternate universe. She is rivals with Love and Beri, and she is always causing mishap in LCDI.


She has her witch hat, gloves, a dress, leggings, and buckled boots. (Not really good at making buckles, but tried my best! :D)



Her pet is named Laquia, and she has a more major role than most LCDI Pets, She is looking for a Fashionable Witch in LCDI.


We have no info about her home, as she is mysterious and is wandering around LCDI. All that we know is her room has purple walls. But because she is one of the winners of the Last Battle Pageant, she now lives in her LalaMansion.

Other Merchandise

  • Full Size Doll
  • Full Size Doll with Mini
  • LB Style Square Edition
  • Loopy Hair Doll
  • LB Style Square Exclusive Costume (The Original Outfit/The LB Style Square Outfit)
  • The Last Battle Collector's Edition
  • Love and Berry 10th Anniversary Collector's Edition

Miesha's Collection of Prizes

The Last Battle - Ms. Lalaloopsy Universe

  • A shiny crown
  • A LalaMansion
  • An expensive closet of designer clothing
  • 1000 LalaCustom Dollars
  • A pink iButton with a designer case
  • An expensive purse
  • A set full of makeup


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