Miles Musicnotes 2

Miles Musicnotes

Miles Musicnotes is a Lalaloopsy doll that can sing! Miles makes a perfect pair with Melody Jingletunes! He's a fanmade character by Aliahvenicegarcia! He's 13 years old. His little sister is Rina Musicnotes.


Sewn On: Jun. 21

Sewn From: A Violin

Personality of Miles

Miles is a boy Lalaloopsy doll that can sing! He makes a perfect pair with Melody Jingletunes! He loves music notes! 

What Miles looks like

Hair Color: Green 

What he wears: A black sweater with a red neck tie

His sewn on pattern on his suit: Red neck tie

Other things on his suit: A white scarf

LCD High Arc

He is a quite reserved boy , he talks calmly to selected people. He has a tsunshun nature to his kouhai , Coal. He also has a crush on Melody that's why he is always a bit awkward when she's around. He is a class president and also the 1st placer in Class A-2

Miles' Pet

His pet is a music note!

Miles' Home

Roof: Music Notes

Wall Color: Green

Miles' Other Merchandise

  • Miles Full Sized Doll
  • Miles Mini

Guess What!

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