After Miles proposed to Melody, they had a meeting on how the wedding will go. They gather up all the loopsies including the ones outside the Lalaloopsy Land.

Miles: Ok! Let's start on my best man, Rythym will enter the church together with R-.

Melody: Correction , Best little boy.. And my sister and Bella are the maids of honor!

Bella: That would be sweet! *pointing her elbow at Rythym*

Rythym: AW! Hey I told you I'm not interested in RINA!!

Matey: If you don't like I would take her!

Marina: Behave!

Matey: *GRUNTS*

Melody: Forest, Spot, Jewel, and Peppy.. You go on decorating..


Miles: Tippy and the other ones who know entertainment like Peanut are in-charge for entertainment!

Peanut: YU-HU!!

Melody: And we need some Principal Sponsors as well!

Suzette: I'll take that part!

Miles: Not to mention food!

Crumbs: No Problemo!

Pepper: Asta Lavizta Baby!

Melody: How about guest speakers?

Halre: Me!!!

Coal: Me too!

Tachippe`: Me three!

Miles: Wouldn't it be cooler if you are the commentator, Tach?

Tachippe`: Of course it will!

Melody: The flower girls are Blossom, Petal, and Boom!


Miles: Ace, Forest, Patch.. You are the DJ's in the reception!

Ace: Yeah! Cool!

Melody: Claire, make a choir and play a romantic music right after the wedding.

Claire: I'd be honored!

Miles: The couple dances will start with..

Matey and Petal

Rythym and Rina

Gaki and Luka

Bella and Forest

Ace and Tippy

Tach and Patch

Halre and Coal

Sir and Lady and..

Me and Melody!

Rythym: NOOOOO!

Coal: Aww Jeez! You're not the only one upset!

Tippy: That freckly guy!

Matey: I wanna be with Rina!

Gaki: Awwww.. Megumi would not be that satisfied!

Bella: Err.. Fine!

Miles: Ok.. Let's just-

Snowy: I wanna partner up with Forest!

Bella: YAY! Thanks!

Darryl: I got you Candy Head!

Halre: Woho! I'm free from the monkey!

Coal: *punches Halre*.

Gumi: I will have my Gakpoid back!

Megu: No way you will get my Eggplant!

Gaki: Here we go again!

Rin: Let's break those freaks!

Gaki: No Rin!

Rin: *blushes* Then why not chose me!

Gaki: You're to young!

Rin: WAH!!

Len: O_o Sis?

Rin: I'm gonna kill you Len!

Gaki: *sigh* I'm with Gumi.. ok?

Rin and Luka: :(.... But choose us next time :P!

Kaito: ... Good thing my Miku is not like those girls!

Halre: *kicks Coal*

Coal: Ugh...

Melody: LISTENNNN!!!!

All: Sorry!

Miles: Ok.. Have you remembered all of it?

All: No!

Melody: I guess we gonna start again... /[' _']\


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