She is the lil sister of Suzette cuz countess n annette dun exsist.


She is a sensitive,sweet little girl.She is very  naive and mostly shy around people  but  not when she gets to be in charge!Her desires are  trying on fashion,mimicking people cuz she can,bossing others around,putting ribbions on things,eating sweets.Mimi has very luxerious stuff in her room.She just adores the color pinkish red.Mimi  is described as  very very veeeeeeeeery spoiled  because  she's rich and mostly gets her way just by acting incoennt.Also she adores lots and lots of attention  and hates feeling misplaced.She is jelous of Silver Luxe.Once she got revenge on Trinket for acting like a snob.

Hair color

Mimi has silver,white hair with two  straight top layers and  twisted curls on each side.Topped with silvry white earrings.Her hair has  light magenta streaks going through.She has  smoothly cut bangs and  she wears a red bow on each side of her hair.


Since she loves sweets  her pet is a strawberry shortcake yorkshirre terrier.It is not real dessert  it was  getting tested by dot but April slipped a strawberry shortcake in.Then Mimi's pet became mutated   and  looked like a strawberry shortcake dog.


Mimi has  silvery white hair with two red bows,fair light skin,black button eyes,light pink cheeks,a black beauty mark on the side of her face the left side.The top of her outfit is reddish pink with a whitish blue blouse and  ocean blue bows.She has a red stripe  at the middle of her dress.The bottom of her dress consists of  a plaid reddish pink and light pink pattern with the cover slip that is  light magenta which is the middle part  and has 3 red bows in the middle of the bottom of her dress.For shoes  she wears white neatly trimmed stockings and  ocean blue mary janes with a white piece on each contaning a red bow.

Sewn on

National Attention day

Most likely to say

"Thou eat all la sweets!"


"I WANT SOME ATTENTION NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,Whhat   I'm not  a brat I just want ya to think I'm cute  am I not  perfection for ur desires???,Um  ................... *stands on chair* I AM LA  DUCHESSE MIMI LA SWEET AND HOW DARE  U SAY SUCH AN INSULT NO CAKE FOR  A YEAR I MEAN DUNGEON NOW!!!!!!!"

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