Meet Moon Mystic Spells, Star Magic Spells's little sister! Y'all know it might be too early, but I always tought about making a little sister for Star.


She was sewn on October 31st (Magic Day) and was made with some pieces of a Wizard's hat.

Personality of Moon

She is the apprentice of her older sister, Star Magic Spells. She helps her with her magic spells and Star teaches her to become a great wizard one day.

What Moon Looks Like

She wears a small violet bow on her head. She also wears a wizard robe that is a little bit too big. She also wears recolors of Pita's shoes.

Moon's Pet

Her pet is a small owl.

Moon's Home

She lives with her older sister, Star.

Other Merchandise

  • Littles Doll
  • Sister Pack with Star Magic Spells

Guess what!

  • October 31st is Magic Day.

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