Chippy (left) Minty (right)


Bella (left) Crust (right)

THE CONTEST HAS ENDED! The winners are Crust Pepperoni 'N' Chesse and Minty Choc Eucalyptus! Congratulations!


  • Minty Choc Eucalyptus - Grand Winner
  • Crust Pepperoni 'N' Cheese - Grand Winner
  • Chippy Cookie Crumble - 1st Runner up
  • Bella Rollingwheels - 1st Runner up


  • Chippy Cookie Crumble of Baker' Street
  • Crust Pepperoni 'N' Cheese of Pizzaland
  • Bella Rollingwheels of Wheelland
  • Minty Choc Eucalyptus of Customralia (Australia)


  • 5,000,000 LalaCustom Dollars
  • 2 Condos in Lalaloopsy Customized Towers
  • 5 Fully furnished houses in LalaloopsyCustomDollsLand Homes
  • 2 Fully furnished Mansion in Lalaloopsy Customdolls Ville
  • 4 Lalaloopsy Cars worth 1,000,000,000.00 LalaCustom Dollars
  • A free talkshow on LalaCustomized TV 
  • A contract to LalaC. Magazine
  • 20 LalaScooters
  • A Diamond studded tiara worth 3,000,000
  • 50 expensive dresses
  • A personal groomer for the winner's pet

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