Hey! It's time for our monthly pageant! Please make a dress for your doll  if you want to join. Only users and WCs can vote. Don't include relatives or friends because we're not sure if it's true. Make sure you own/made the doll and it has a page so even WCs can join. Photo Entering has ended. Contest ended!

Winners are Smores Fluffy Mallow, Savannah Kawaii Epicness and Cosplay Costume Play!



  • The background must be white (you can add designs as long as the color's near to white)
  • The dolls must be half bodied
  • No using other accounts
  • Vote for 3 dolls, no repetition
  • They must have a page 
  • No need to add your name with the dolls
  • (OPTIONAL) Wikia Contributors can put their IP address with the entry

Here are the contestants:

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