THE COMPETION HAS ENDED! CONGRATULATIONS TO SMORES FLUFFY MALLOW!!! Voting started at September 3. It ended at Sept. 18!

Hey! It's time for our monthly pageant! Please make a dress for your doll  if you want to join. This contest will end at August 29  so you would have a lot of time to vote. Only users and WCs can vote. Don't include relatives or friends because we're not sure if it's true. Make sure you own/made the doll and it has a page so even WCs can join. Thanks!


  • Vote two (2) customized dolls. If you only vote one (1) , your vote is NOT counted.
  • You cannot vote the same character more than one (1) time.

Example: I vote Jessica la Sweet, Jessica la Sweet and Jessica la Sweet

  • And lastly, no cheating!

Here are the contestants: 

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