Nicki Lovely Cutie

Nicki is an unfinshed doll. But I decided to finish her to follow the new project.


Sewn on: January 21, 2014

Sewn Material: Old Doll Clothing


She prefers eating pastries than having a hobby, but she really has one hobby that she keeps a secret, singing. (But since I revealed it, It's not really a secret anymore)


She wears a lovely pink bow and a long dress, but the dress doesn't cover the shoes. Her shoes are the same ones as Jewel's.


Her pet is none other than a small kitten. Usually it plays with her dresses.


No one knows where she lives yet. Rumors say that her house is really sparkly and pink, but with a little bit of red and white.

Other Merchandise

  • Full Size Doll
  • Mini Series Doll

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