Sweet Dream is the peacemaker and makes all the good dreams for the customs while her evil twin,Nightmare Haunt makes all the nightmares. They are opposites in every way possible.

What They Look Like

Sweet: Sweet has fair skin and pale pink cheeks. She has long lavender hair and a lavender dress.

Nightmare: Nightmare has long black hair and a red and green dress


Sweet has a pet cloud, while Nightmare has a storm cloud.

Other Merchandise

  • Nightmare single
  • Sweet Single
  • Nightmare and Sweet sister pack
  • Mini Nightmare
  • Mini Sweet
  • Mini Sister Pack
  • Loopy hair two pack with loopy minis.
  • Baby Nightmare and Sweet 2-pack
  • Silly Singer Two Pack
  • Mini Two pack with matching ponies
  • Lalaloopsy Girls Two Pack


  • Nightmare has a secret lair

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