• My version of Nina Jay with her pet.
  • Original photo.
  • Together with Melody Jingletunes at the BCDA 2013
Nina Jay is the first ever ninja lalaloopsy! This is also my first page! :) Also check Nya Jay's page. (Coming soon!)



Sewn On Date: Chinese New Year (Feburary 10th)

Sewn From: A ninja's clothes


Nina has black hair and black button eyes. She wears dark clothes. Her skin is very light.


Nina loves sneaking around! She loves to watch Ninjago and other movies with ninjas. She could be anywhere you look! She loves doing ninja tricks....even if she falls flat on her face.


Nina's pet is a panda bear!


Nina lives in a ninja training dojo in China!


  • Nina Full Size
  • Nina mini
  • Nina and Nya double pack
  • Nina and Nya double pack mini


  • Nina shares the same birthday and pet as Yuki. (Page coming soon!)

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