• Olive and Jackie (Retired Editions)
  • Jackie (2nd Edition)
  • Olive (2nd Edition)
Olive and Jackie are Lalaloopsy dolls by Issa Perez. They were based from Oggy and Jack from Oggy and the Cockroaches. They are cousins!

Olive's Information

Sewn from: Oggy's fur

Personality: Lazy

Appearance: Dress with Oggy's head

Pet: Blue Cat

Home: Two story with purple roof

Jackie's Information

Sewn from: Jack's fur

Personality: Cockroach Catcher

Apperance: Strapless dress with Jack's head

Pet: Green cat

Home: Two story with red roof

Other Merchandise

  • Olive Full Size
  • Jackie Full Size
  • Olive and Jackie cousin pack

Guess What?

  • Jackie is a name for both genders!
  • They were made girls because it's hard for Issa to make boys. Well, that was before Cesar Common Face was born.
  • They were made in Issa's mom's Laptop!
  • Due to lack of popularity, their original designs got retired, and got replaced. Their orginal designs are now in the LCD Archieves. The new designs also got more popularity.

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