• Remade Version!
  • Patch's Version!

This guy is speaks English! 'Cause english is awesome! Made by Patch but now adopted by Cookiez since he was incomplete for a loooong time! If you're asking about the name, the note on his coat is a Dal Segno so.....Yea lets start with the information.


Oliver's a young VocaButton! Younger than the Kagami Twins.... Anyways... He was made on December 21 with english sailor songs! (Cookiez... really?)

Oliver's Personality

Oliver is a bit shy but when he opens up to others, he gets really talkative and hyper. He's really interested in mummies since he thinks they're cool!... So much he tries to look like one.

What Oliver Looks Like

Oliver has pale blond hair with yellow eyes. He wears a navy blue coat, an untucked polo shirt and black shorts, all outlined with yellow... except for the polo... He also wears a white, navy and balck sailor hat. On Patch's version, he has blue eyes and shirt, brown shorts and a blue sailor hat. His left eye, left foot and right thigh are all bandaged.

Oliver's Home

Oliver's room in the VocaMansion is... nice...? The walls were painted to look like the sea. At the middle of his room... is his bed....or where it is, inside of a mini pyramid.... which is still preeetty big. His bed, a coffin, rocks from side to side to mimic the waves of the ocean. Outside his pyramid are normal bookshelves filled with books about mummies, sailors, math.... that normal stuff a twelve year old guy has...

Oliver's Pet

Oliver has a pet bird... that goes to the sea... and describes what's happening.... Oliver also has a Bird to English dictionary....

Guess What

  • He is one of the youngest VocaButtons.
  • His last name has been changed three times
  • His original name is Oliver Shimeji, changed to Oliver Gold then Oliver Segno
  • The note on his coat is a Dal Segno

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