She is LCD's clumsiest mint enthusiast ever!  


Sewn On: February 11th (National Peppermint Patty Day)

Sewn From: Peppermint Wrappers

 Personality of Olivia

Olivia loves mints! She even loves breath mints! Her only flaw is that she is VERY clumsy and knocks things over by accident.  

Likes: Mints, Standing on her head, checkers, green, socks

Dislikes: her clumsiness

Quote: I'm not clumsy, Its just that the floor hates me, and the tables and chairs are bullies, and the wall gets in the way.

What Olivia Looks Like

Hair Color: Pink with white streaks

Hat Color: Green with a pink puff

What She Wears: A dress with pink and minty green stripes

Her Sewn on Pattern: Green and Pink stripes

Olivia's Pet

She Ate Her Pet because she thought it was a peppermint

Olivia's Home    

Roof: Peppermint Sticks

Wall: Green, White and Pink

Olivia's Other Merchandise

  • Full Size Doll
  • Mini
  • DVD "The Story of the Clumsy Girl" with Exclusive Mini
  • Loopy Hair
  • Silly Singer
  • Baby Doll
  • Bundle Pack with Savannah Kawaii N Epic and Gabi Hates Bullies
  • Soft Doll
  • Micro
  • Silly Hair

Guess What!

  • Her design is based off a clumsy G3 pony named Minty
  • Her intials are OCD, which is obessive compulsive disorder, giving her the personality of being clumsy
  • She represents clumsy and disabled people
  • One of her closest friends is Twilight Mellowtone.
  • She will be released with 2 other dolls, Roy G. Biv and Alley Oop.

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