Orange Dips (by Aliahvenicegarcia)

Orange Dips is by KeithArnaultsFanon and was later improved by 


KeithArnaultsFanon's edition of Orange.



She was sewn on August 21 (National Orange Day) and was sewn from an orange peel.

Orange's Personality

She loves eating oranges and making orange desserts.

Orange's Appearance

She has red eyes and curly orange hair and an orange dress. She has no shoes so she has to tip-toe.


Her pet is an orange mouse.

Orange's Home

She lives with KeithArnaultsFanon along with other of KeithArnaultsFanon's OCs.

Orange's Merchandise

  • Orange Dips Full-Sized Doll
  • Orange Dips Mini
  • Orange Dips BFF Pack with KeithArnaultsFanon's Lala Self

Guess what!

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