Patricia Topsyturvy
Patricia Topsyturvy is Issa Perez's second Lalaloopsy overall. Like Lucille, Sadly, she's now a retired doll.


Sewn Date: Feb 29 (The day that was almost forgottten)

Sewn from: Dress from a forgotten princess


She is always been forgotten by her parents. They treated her like a maid because they didn't remember her. But her friends in Lalaloopsy Land still do remember her. Her nickname is Patty. And she is a bit clumsy while doing her "job"

What does she look like

Hair color: Pink

Eye color: Blue

What she wears: A lined dress, and red-orange rubber boots


Due to Patty's castle rule of no pets, she doesn't have one.


It is a five-story castle with sparkles.

Other merchandise

  • Full size doll
  • mini doll series #1
  • Maid outfit mini series#4
  • Loopy hair doll
  • Loopy hair mini
  • Silly Hair
  • Patricia's Kids' Halloween Costume

Guess what!

  • She is always forgotten by her parents.