Pebbles Cave Stone JPG

Pebbles Cave Stone



Sewn On: March 18th (Walk with dinosaurs day)

Sewn from: A cave womans dress

Personality of Pebbles

Pebbles Cave Stone is Timid and friendly. She loves wondering around with her pet sloth. Her ancestors created the very first wheel and discovered fire. She is working on an invention of her own although she is not quite sure where to start.

What Pebbles Looks Like

Skin: Fair 

Eyes: black

Head: Short purple hair in 2 pig tials held in place by 2 bones.

Torso: creme colored tatty collar and one strap with Purple cheater patterns.

Bottom: Purple cheater patterned skirt with a purple under skirt

Shoes: She has sandals and creme leg warmers held in place by brown rope.

Pebbles' Pet

Slowth the sloth as his name implies he is not very quick but he still gets around he is purple with purple eyes he has a patch of creme colored fur in the middle of his face.

Pebbles' House

Roof: Stone cobbles

Walls: Mud and stone with dinosaur fossils.


  • Large Doll comes with pet and poster

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