She was sewn on November 28th.

Sewn from:A sheet of paper.


Personality of Pencil

Pencil LOVES to draw. She can always be found with paper and a pencil...or a marker, pen or crayon!

Her favorite thing to do is draw her friends!

What Pencil Looks Like

Pencil has a blue jumper with a red tank top. Her shoes are pink and she has blue gloves.

She has black eyes and light pink cheeks. She has light pink bows in her short hair and her hair is violet, blue, and bright pink hair.

Pencil's Pet

Her pet is a dog with paint spots all over he is very cute!

Pencil's Home

Her home is made out of sketch books and art materials( pencils, pens, crayons etc.) its doodled on and painted

its very colorful!

Guess What

  • she has the same birthday as Razzy long hair and Alista draws a lot

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