Penelope Green
Penelope is a book-exclusive character made by Issa Perez (PepsiCola45). She is the fraternal twin sister of Gina Green.


Sewn Date: April 22

Sewn from: A leaf


She is really a kind girl and loves to help others. Although some people mistake her as her sister because sometimes her hair turns green when she gardens.


She wears pink overalls/skirt, and a pink blouse. She also wears pink slippers.


Her pet used to be a bulldog. However, It got sent to the pound because she fell asleep one day and It roamed around town.


She lives in Room 320 in Beyond the Orange Condo. But she also has a room in Gina's home when she lives there.

Other Merchandise

  • Full Size Doll (Only 5 exist)

Guess what!

  • Her hair turns green when she gardens.

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