Penny is Issa Perez's seventh full sized doll and her eight doll overall.

Penny Beaniepounce


Sewn date: January 13 (National Rubber Ducky Day)

Sewn from: A rubber duck


She likes helping animals, because she doesn't like them to be extinct. Especially ducks! And In fact, She dosen't live with her parents anymore. She now lives in alone, with her pet. during her spare time, She goes to parties, and goes gardening. Some people recognize her as "the Jack of all trades". One time, she set up chairs for a kid's birthday party. Also, she's addicted to Super Smash Brothers Brawl.

What she looks like

Hair color: Orange

Eye color: Black

What she wears: Blue dress, light blue rubber boots.


Her pet is a duck that looks like a chicken.


It's a house that looks like an animal shelter.

Other Merchandise

  • Full size doll
  • mini doll series#1
  • Loopy Hair
  • Soft doll
  • Button Tails Chicken

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