• TLB Pageant


Sewn On:October 29th

Sewn from:ScrapsStitchedNSewn9's clothes

Personality of Piano

Piano loves to play the piano and hates bullies. She likes to play also,

Her online friends are Savanna, Cookiez, Suzy, Alie, Issa, Sophia ,Eriel, and Keith! She has a fanmade series called Nuu Majikaru Nuu Kawaii . She is very sensitive and dosent like people who get mad at every single teeny tiny thing.

Likes:cookies,computers,hanging out with her friends,minecraft

Dislikes:bullies,snobbish brats,

What Piano Looks Like

She has brown hair in a ponytail with a red bow on top.She wears pink glasses. She has a pink and blue dress with a heart


She dosent have one


She lives in LCD world

Piano's other Merchandise

  • piano full Size
  • piano mini
  • piano BFFs pack with Samantha Kawaii n Epic

Guess What!

  • She likes to read

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