This month is: By Cookiez Rocker!!

Mwahaha the background is mineeeeee>:DDDDD

How to enter

Put your images in the gallery below. This is a montly competition, so you are competing for (September) this month.

You can choose any theme or one that revolves around september.

The person who won last time (Cookiez Rocker) will decide the winner. Who ever wins this time will decide the next time. This time (october) (Cookiez Rocker) can enter.

Winners picture will be on the homepage and the winner will be announced by (Cookiez Rocker) in the comments.


  • This is a non-voting competition.
  • Only (Cookiez Rocker) can decide this months.
  • No cheating
  • You can add as many up to three pictures.
  • No not steal anyone elses pics.
  • If you really like your pic, and it didnt win, you can enter it next month. If you wish to do this, only one of your creations can be re-entered.
  • The characters on the pics dont even have to have a name,page etc.
  • other than Wcs as they cant add pics. ^

Contestants for September!

Add your photos!

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