Pink is a.k.a. Tachippe` Trevoir` (Stitching Wings) She is in charge of making weathers in the land.

Tachippe trevo

She also make clouds and other things that is in the sky...


Sewn on: May 24 (National Lightning Day)

Sewn from: A wisp of thunder cloud.

Personality of Tachippe`

She is a girly girl. She loves playing with her pet thunder cloud. She loves to bake some cloud cake and muffins. She is also very brave and courageous.

What Tachippe` Looks Like

She wears a poofy pink dress. There are three layers in her skirt. The first layer has a black linings at the bottom. The second is a glittery black. The third is same as the first. Her hair is blonde. She wore a ribbon.

Tachippe's Pet

A Pink Thunder Cloud with Blue eyes and pink strings

Tachippe's Home

Her home is a Thunder Factory. 

Guess What!

  • You can find her on the fanon wiki aswell.
  • May 24th is National Lightning Day.