Pinkcess Bonnibel

Pinkcess Bonnibel

Pinkcess Bonnibel is the first doll to be released in the Adventure Buttons line. She loves sci-math! She has brushable hair. Her pet can talk!


She was sewn on September 30, Chewing Gum Day. She was made from Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum's Dress.

Personality of Pinkcess

She loves Bubblegum! She lives in a wacky silly kingdom called "Candy Buttons Kingdom". She's smart, silly, beautiful, pink and SCIENTIFIC! She loves pink, pink, pink, pink and PINK! She's kind of a nerd.

What Pinkcess Looks Like

She wears a pink gown with a purple collar. She has a purple line on each sleeve. Her hair is pink, which is a reference to bubblegum.

Pinkcess' Pet

Her pet is a cute little bubblegum with dot-shaped eyes. 

Pinkcess' Home

She lives in a castle in Candy Buttons Kingdom. Her castle has five floors.

  • 1st Floor: Lobby/Living Room
  • 2nd Floor: Guest Rooms
  • 3rd Floor: Her Room
  • 4th Floor: Indoor Candy Swimming Pool
  • 5th Floor: Eat Candy Floor

Pinkcess' Other Merchandise

  • Pinkcess Bonnibel ToysRUs Exclusive Full-Sized Doll
  • Pinkcess Bonnibel ToysRUs Exclusive Mini
  • Pinkcess Bonnibel, Finn D. Hero and Jake Magic 'N' Dog ToysRUs Exclusive Twin Pack
  • Pinkcess Bonnibel Water Bottle
  • Pinkcess Bonnibel ToysRUs Exclusive Soft Doll
  • Pinkcess Bonnibel, Finn D. Hero and Jake Magic 'N' Dog ToysRUs Exclusive Mini Twin Pack

Guess What!

  • She was based on Adventure Time's Princess Bubblegum.
  • She adopted her pet in the Candy Buttons Kingdom Pet Display.
  • Her pet tried to eat her hair when she just adopted it.
  • She's the first doll that has been released in the Adventure Buttons line.
  • Her hair is Bubblegum. (But don't worry. The real doll's hair is made out of plastic)
  • She ate her pet once.
  • Her pet is edible.
  • September 30th is Chewing Gum Day