Pip Melon Seed JPG

Pip Melon Seed



Sewn on: November 10th (Plant a Watermelon seed day)

Sewn from: Watermelon seed packet

Personality of Pip

Pip Melon Seed was once a rag doll who magically came to life when her last stitch was sewn. She loves to plant seeds and loves everything nature. With a nurturing nature she is really good a t helping plants grow.

What Pip Looks Like

Skin: Fair

Eyes: Black

Head: Short Pink hair with a cute little watermelon beret.

Torso: Frilly Green sort sleeved top 

Bottom: Long pink flowing skirt starting from under the chest area. has decorative watermelon seeds.

Shoes: Green and white leggings which are painted on to her legs. Pink and white chucks.

Pip's Pet

Whaleter Melon Is a whale made from watermelon he is green with melon stripes and black eyes.

Pip's Home

Roof: Leaves and vines

Walls: All natural materials to keep the planet green.

Other Merchandise

Large Doll comes with pet and poster

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