Plum Jelly Jam & Sammy Nutter Butter

Plum Jelly Jam and Sammy Nutter Butter



Name: Plum Jelly Jam and Sammy Nutter Butter 

Sewn on: 7th June (National Make a Sandwhich Day)

Sewn From: A prize winning peanut butter and jelly sandwhich

Personality of Plum and Sammy

They are very similar and unlike every other set of twins there is no good and bad they are both as sweet as can be they love being together and playing together. You will never find them seperated because they just go together like...Well peanut butter and jelly.

What Plum and Sammy Look Like

Skin: Fair 

Eyes:Black button eyes

Head: Plum has purple hair in one high ponytail with one large peanut butter brown bow. Sammy has peanut butter brown hair in two high pigtails with two large purple plum jelly jam colored bows. 

Torso: Plum wears a beige colored undershirt with cute purple dress it has a brown heart and brown dripping peanut butter belt. Sammy wears a beige colored Undershirt with cute peanut butter brown overalls it has a purple heart and Purple jam dripping belt.

Bottom:Plum wears a beige under dress with frills. 

Shoes: Plum has Purple with purple laced hightops with dripping jam on the top.Sammy wears peanut butter brown with brown laces and dripping peanut butter on the top.

Plum and Sammy's Pets

Super happy hyper jumpy Jelly and Toaster are so similar they get mistaken for twins when infact they were made in a different sandwhich patch to one another. Years ago there was a war between the jelly patch and peanut patch it took these two becoming best of friends to make the two patches realise they go better together.

Plum and Jellys Home

Roof: Penut butter and jam lids

Walls: Peanut butter and jam jars

Other Merchandise

Large Dolls come with pets and posters

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