Poppy Sicle
Third doll of the day, Poppy Sicle. The never melt girl with a sense for flavors!


She was sewn on September 2 (Blueberry Popsicle Day).  and was sewn from a Popsicle T-Shirt.


She is a really cool girl who always enjoys chillaxing near the sun's rays, because she is never-melting!


She wears a popsicle stick in her Mojito-flavored hair, her dress is flavored Strawberries and Cream and her shoes are flavored Mango Chile.


Poppy couldn't decide a pet because of the flavors! She loves all flavors! But one day, she has a dog that changes color with his mood.


Unluckily, her house isn't never-melt, so her house is really "melty".

Other Merchandise

  • Special Full Size
  • Regular Full Size

Guess what!

  • September 2nd is Blueberry Popsicle Day.

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