Princess Rainbow Loopenboom
Rainbow is Issa Perez's third Lalaloopsy. She also secretly rules Cloudsdale!


Sewn on: June 27 (The day Rainbow Brite debuted on television.)

Sewn from: A Rainbow tie-dyed T-shirt


She has the power to make rainbows in LCDI! and when she cries, a hurricane will start, but if she becomes happy again, A beautiful rainbow will appear in the Sky! But she also dosen't like losing! And Her hair is long, It gives her power! when her hair is cut, color will be lost from LCDI. Not only she rules the color of LCDI, She also rules Cloudsville. A town with cloud people. The cloud people worship her like a queen! Even though she is just a princess. She only goes to Cloudsville when everbody in LCDI is asleep. (Except the Lalacolors.)

What she looks like

Hair color: Rainbow

Eye color: Black

What she wears, Green-yellowish shirt, pink belt, paper ribbon, blue tutu with pink dots, and green mini shorts


Her pet is a brown mouse.



Her house is a cloud which flies at her Birthday every year!

Other Merchandise

  • Loopy hair Rainbow (Collector's edition)
  • Loopy hair Mini Rainbow