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Princess Sandy Featherton
Princess Sandy Featherton is the fourth Lalaloopsy released by Issa Perez. She is the Princess of Pranksland!


Sewn on: June 2 (Toontown Online Launch Day)

Sewn from: A toon's shirt


Sandy is always ready for a suprise! You can always expect her to be cog-busting in the streets! You can always expect her with a bunch of feathers! She is the Princess of gags and pranks!

What she looks like

Hair color: Reddish-brown

eye color: Black

What she wears: A top hat, a pink dress, and green rubber boots


Her pet is a pink mouse!


It's a green house with two rooms

Other Merchandise

  • Full size doll
  • mini doll series #1
  • Carnival Suit mini series#4

Guess What!

  • June 2nd is Toontown Online Launch Day.

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