Sunnyshine RULES!

Princess Sunnyshine of Sunland, LCDI is the first doll in the series "Princesses of the Lands". She is the Princess of the Sun!

She is a fanmade character by Aliahvenicegarcia.


Sunnyshine was sewn on March 2, National Yellow Shirt Day. She was sewn from a yellow dress.

Sunnyshine's Personality

Sunnyshine loves playing under the sun, the color yellow, and all things bright! She has really brilliant ideas! Since she was crowned "Princess of the Sun", she mainly acts like she just dropped her $50,000 iPhone down to the edge of Mount Everest.

She really doesn't like her name, since she thinks it's a "Super Baby TV name". She's mainly called "Sun".

Sunnyshine's Appearance

Sunnyshine is wearing a yellow gown with a yellow belt. She has blonde hair and light skin. She has yellow eyes.

Sunnyshine's Pet

Sunnyshine doesn't want a pet.

Sunnyshine's Home

She lives in Sunland, LCDI. Her mansion has 3 floors.

  • First Floor: Living Room
  • Second Floor: Inside Swimming Pool with Balcony
  • Third Floor: Sunnyshine's Room

Sunnyshine's Merchandise

  • Princess Sunnyshine of Sunland, LCDI: Exclusive Target and ToysRUs Full Sized-Doll

Guess What!

  • She resembles Lemons 'N' Squeeze, although Sunnyshine hates her.

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