Rainbow dash flash

Nobody made a "My Lala Loopsy" Doll in forever! But here's the newest addition to the My Lala Loopsy Collection, Rainbow Dash Flash! (Sorry, Princess Rainbow Loopenboom.)


She was sewn on the 14th of February which is rainbow day! (Also Valentines Day, what a coincidence!) And was made from a Rainbow Dash T-shirt.


She like to run marathons, and she is really sporty. She is also so fast, faster than Lickety and Active combined!


She has the same hairstyle as Casual Brownie, "The Flip". She also has a blue jacket, a shirt with her Button Mark, jeans, and blue sneakers.


Her pet is a hare. (I selected a hare because of "The Hare and the Tortoise".


She lives in Cloudsville, like Princess Rainbow Loopenboom.

Other Merchandise

  • Full Size Doll
  • Mini

Guess what!

  • February 14th is Rainbow Day which is also Valentine's Day.

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