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Razzy Long Hair

Razzy Long Hair


Razzy's Original Design

Introducing... Razzy Long Hair! The first ever Lalaloopsy doll that has hair that you can braid, brush and ponytail!

She's a fanmade character by Aliahvenicegarcia.

She is included in the Top Three Customs.


Sewn On: Nov. 28

Sewn From: Rapunzel's Hair

Personality of Razzy

Razzy loves to brush her hair! Her pet chamelion helps her!

What Razzy looks like

Hair Color: Blonde hair that's SUPER long.

What she wears: A white gown that has orange under.

Her sewn on pattern on her dress: Orange under

Other things on her dress: Gold sides

Razzy's Pet

Her pet is a cute green chamelion.

Razzy's Home

Roof: Red bricks

Wall Color: Gold

Razzy's Other Merchandise

  • Razzy Long Hair Full Sized Doll
  • Razzy Long Hair Mini 
  • Razzy Long Hair Loopy Hair

Guess What!

  • Razzy has Barbie Hair. She doesn't have plastic hair like the other ones.
  • Bella accidently cut a piece of her hair.
  • On the TV show, Her hair is cut brown.
  • She has a Loopy Hair Doll; even if she ALREADY has doll hair.
  • Her Loopy Hair has super long hair!
  • She will part of the Loopsy Princesses Line coming 2014

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