Rebecca Rags
Rebecca Rags is a Lalaloopsy doll by Issa Perez.


Sewn from: Re-attached dress


Rebecca only has 7 dresses for 7 days. When one of her dresses gets broken, she usally stiches it back together.

What she wears

Hair Color: Black

Hair Bow Color: Red

Eye Color: Black

What she wears: Sewn-back together dress


Her Pet is a virtual Persian Cat with a Mansion, 130 different outfits, and Luxury items in (Not a real website)


Her House is a mansion!

Other Merchandise

  • Full Size Doll

Guess What?

  • Because she dosen't buy new dresses, She is kinda rich!
  • Some people think she is poor. But she isn't.
  • She does not wear shoes like Orange Dips and Darryl Lionheart

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