Red Apple Jack

Red Apple Jack is the Lalaloopsy version of Applejack from My Little PonyShe represents the element of Honesty.

She is a fanmade Character by Aliahvenicegarcia

Red Apple's Personality

Apple loves red! She doesn't like breaking promises. She always keeps her promises with her friends and friends' pets. Apple's idol is Tori Sing Rocks. She was sewn on October 21, The first Apple Day. She was sewn from an Applejack T-Shirt.

Red Apple's Appearance

Apple wears an yellow-orange blouse with a dandelion button belt. Her skirt has an Apple. She wears red ruffled boots .

She has pale skin with long braided blonde hair and green eyes.

Red Apple's Pet

Her pet is an Apple.


She lives in a red house.

Other Merchandise

  • Red Apple Jack Target Exclusive Full Sized Doll

Guess What!

  • She has a tomboyish style. 

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